Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world. We operate America’s most reliable 4G LTE wireless network. Our investments in superior technology deliver innovative solutions like mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, security and telematics that enrich the lives of our customers around the globe. Discover how Verizon’s IoT is transforming business. Visit to learn more.


CRN IoT 50 - Verizon Is About Making Better Connections

The IoT makes what was previously unimaginable, possible. Verizon is working with customers to create an industrial internet revolution by connecting things and using the resulting data to make better decisions. Learn how Verizon can help you make better connections.

Verizon’s Connected World

Take a walk through city streets, vineyards and factories to see how IoT is making a difference. This 360 video requires the YouTube app or a compatible browser for viewing. For the optimal experience, use a VR headset and headphones.

The Internet of Things Becomes Enterprise-Grade

Reaping benefits beyond regulatory compliance. Regulatory compliance remains a driving factor behind enterprise IoT adoption.

Protect Your Business from Costly Disruptions with Verizon Wireless Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity solutions give you fast, secure and seamless connections to the people, information and systems that matter most.